sexta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2013

quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

Vergonha de ser brasileira - Ashamed of being brazilian (once again!)

With almost 200 million people, Brazil is still a country hard to define in the 21st. century: it is neither rich nor poor, neither developed nor economically delayed.

With an incredible and diverse culture, result of centuries of mixture of races, and a fabulous nature, that surprises even the local inhabitants, the giant Brazil still lives under the stigma of poverty, violence, corruption and disorganization (or should I say that we are organized to be disorganized?).

During many years, we have built and sold to the world a Brazilian stereotype related to Carnaval and Futebol. We like to have fun, to enjoy life on the beaches, and take advantages under any circumstance (the famous "jeitinho brasileiro). While we were letting ourselves (and enjoying) to be dragged into this obscure image and life style, we forgot to take care of our country and watch out its administration. (Oh well,  I don't know if we, one day, ever cared about it!)

The latest news about Brazil are presenting and insisting in an image of a developed country, with many job opportunities and an increasing economy. The criminality in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro are being solved through the hard work of the UPPs (Unidade de Policia Pacificadora), and the World Cup and Olympics are simply the result of this "fantastic" moment we are going through. However, nothing makes me more ashamed than such kind of news spread out in and outside. In the reality, on the one hand, the corruption is constant and clear, the health system is deteriorating, the violence (not only in Rio de Janeiro) is evident everywhere. On the other hand, there is NO investment in safety and education. Of course, people who feel unsafe and are not prepared to reflect about their own situation, are more dependent of the State and don't react (don't know how to react) to any political decision.

The situation is critical and scary. Brazil became definitely the wolf in sheep's clothing.